women’s cuts + styling services

Are you tired of having hair that is out of date or hard to style? Have you been unimpressed with your last few haircuts? Does your “cheap” haircut look cheap, but you don’t want to pay more for the same mediocre results?

Our hair professionals at Elle.B Salon can help you to solve all of these problems and more.

If you want to save time before an important event or just need a little pampering, use our blow drying services here at Elle. B Salon in Denver.

Here are some ways enjoying blow drying service in Denver can benefit you, depending on what you need:

Straighten your hair

Do you struggle with overly wavy hair? Instead of using a straightening iron, we’ll grab a brush and blow dry away the waves. The hot air helps straighten your locks, just like how an iron would.

Curl your hair

Using a brush and a blow dryer we can add curl to your hair is quicker and easier than curlers. Of course, we’ll add some hair products to set your hair in place.

Give your hair volume

No one likes having flat hair. It makes us look tired and unkempt. A little volume will give your hair a nice bounce.

Preparation for styling

If your hair naturally frizzy, then using a hair dryer lays the groundwork for the styling we’ll do.


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