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Are you tired of having limp, flat, thin or short hair that keeps you from
looking and feeling your best?

Are you wondering how hair extensions would work for you?

Have you had extensions before but felt disappointed with the results?

You want hair that is thick, long, beautiful, and has a look that catches the eye of those you walk by. You want to be able to live your life every day with a manageable and fresh look you can dress up for a night out or not worry about with an active lifestyle. You want a hair salon that has expertise in hair extensions and will also help you achieve the look you have always wanted.




Get information about the methods and types of extensions available to you.
See fabulous before and after extensions photos.
Find the answers to commonly asked extensions questions.


Learn how to take great care of your extensions once applied.

The Red Carpet Look

Hair extensions are the celebrities’ best kept secret for making a splash on the red carpet. They go from sporting pixie cuts to voluptuous waves in a matter of hours and stay that way the whole night.

Denver’s Only 100% Certified Team of Hair Extension Specialists

Elle B Salon is the only Hair salon that specializes in hair extensions, where our stylists go through our rigorous certification standards. We provide the highest quality hair extensions that look natural, will last and won’t damage your hair. Because our team is also educated on the latest trends and styling techniques, your hair will look fresh, stylish and manageable in between visits so you will look your best not only the day you leave our salon, but every day until your next visit.

We provide unparalleled customer service: we guarantee our services, offer concierge services when you need help planning a day or night out, we also provide snacks, drinks and charging stations for your devices at each of our booths.

Hair Extensions Customized for You.

Hair Extensions for an Active Lifestyle

For the woman with the active lifestyle, you want hair that looks and feels like yours, and doesn’t keep you from doing all the things you love to do, whether it’s swimming, exercising, or enjoying the outdoors.



This technique employs no glue, no adhesives, and no tape, and as such allows for damage free application.  It is fast to install and maintain, and is the most comfortable and most versatile method for a variety of hair styles and lifestyles.
Fusion/ Ultra Fusion
Extensions are as customizable as you are unique. We at Elle.b Salon use all of the most popular non-damaging methods on the market today.  We make sure that each customer has the right method and style for them and their lifestyle.
This method, often compared to Great Lengths methods, employs the use of keratin bonds that are warmed and melted, then bonded to the hair.  Can be used for those with thinning and balding hair lines.
Using keratin based adhesive on small wefts of hair, tape-in extensions are great for blending short to long hair and for fine-haired clients. This technique is quick to apply and requires only moderate maintenance. Great quick add-on service for pops of color or volume.
The beaded weave is a type of track style of extension, with the use of hand-tied wefts to create the most natural look of any hair extension style. This method is great for those with wants of longer hair from a shorter length. Ie. a bob to chest length hair.
Here are some factors to consider with extensions:
Colors  There are tons of colors available in the market, which is why we’ll help you choose colors that best match your hair.

Quality  We’ll show you the different options regarding levels of hair extension quality so you can the one right for your budget.

Lifestyle  We’ll also help you choose the extensions that are the right fit for your lifestyle.
Hair Extension Service and Support
We’ll help you look great leaving our salon and instruct you on how to maintain your extensions so you look fabulous every day. We are here for you when you need to make changes or maintain your extensions throughout the year.

To book a consultation appointment with our salon in Denver’s Highlands area, you have three options: call us at (720) 708 2867, hit us up with our online form on our
contact page , or book a reservation online here . We’re open Tuesdays-Saturdays, from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M.

Extensions FAQs

What are hair extensions?

To put it simply: Hair extensions are human hair attached, using various methods, to your hair to create fullness and length.

How long do they last?

This heavily depends on care, however, if you take great care of them the hair should last anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on what method you have.

Is the hair real?

Yes it is 100% ethically sourced human hair.

Why would someone get hair extensions?

Hair extensions provide many different solutions for clients. Solutions include: Fuller hair, longer hair, more volume, coverage for thinning areas, fix for a bad haircut, no stress grow out, or a combination of any of these!

How long does it take to get them put in?

With The Method by Elle.b its usually between 30 minutes to 2 hours for a full install.

How much does it cost?

That depends on what your desired result is. Without getting too technical, the longer, fuller hair you desire, the more it is. We recommend scheduling a FREE consultation with one of our certified artists and they can give an exact price. Plan on each stylist varying depending on salon location and experience.

Is there on-going maintenance and what is the maintenance?

All hair extension methods require maintenance. We require you to come in anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending on your particular application. These “tightenings” can range from $75 to $350 each time.

Do hair extensions hurt when you have them put in or adjusted? What about when you sleep on them?

Everyone is different but they should not hurt. Usually I liken it to wearing a ponytail or hat for too long and that lasts for about a week, after that you really don’t even notice them. Sleeping is annoying for about a week or less and then it’s back to slumber as usual.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

We at Elle.b only apply the most natural and non-damaging methods available. The Method Hair Extensions by Elle.b are made only of the best hair available and when applied by our certified stylists, they are guaranteed to be non-damaging. The tricky part is proper care by the client after application.  This is as important as the application to prevent damage and keep your hair looking the best for the longest.

How can I make the process more affordable?

If you want to keep it on a budget, try for just fuller hair and when you get a bit more $$ add some for length. With the The Method by Elle.b your hair extensions are reusable so really the big cost is at the initial installation, after that you just are paying for maintenance which is significantly cheaper. Remember that hair extensions are considered a high-end treatment, so like all high-end things ‘cheap’ is relative.

Why is there such a big range in the price of extensions?

The cost of the extensions directly relates to the quality of the hair. If you want them cheap then chances are you are getting really low quality hair that tangles and thus you will have damage. If you just want your hair fuller and not longer, plan on paying less than if you want a ton of length and volume. And ALWAYS get the best hair available.

How do I brush and style my hair when I have extensions? Do extensions react to curling/flat irons the same way as my normal hair?

Brushing and styling is as usual, you just have to be mindful at the roots. Hair extensions usually hold styles and curl much better and for longer than natural hair, so plan on that.

How do I wash my hair when I have extensions?
Do I need a special shampoo?

Just like you did before, assuming you washed your hair before. I have had that before where a client didn’t know how to wash her hair...awkward.  You will need to make sure to use professional cleansers and conditioners to ensure the longevity of the hair.

What if I want to go swimming or go to the beach?

Read " We All Want to Look Sexy at the Beach… " blog for answers to this question.

What if I'm an athlete and work up a sweat on a daily basis? Will this have a negative effect on my extensions?

I have addressed this question before, but no it will not. Hair extensions are resilient in most conditions and this one especially.  You will need a bigger hair band for you luscious locks though!!

What are the warning signs that my extensions might be damaging my hair/scalp?

  • Abnormal loss of extensions or if a large piece feels loose. You can lose up to 10-15 pcs in a 6-week period but more than that is no bueno.
  • Soreness for more than 2 weeks in one particular place. You could have a rogue section that needs to be adjusted.
  • Knotting up more than once or twice a day and/or you are pulling on them a lot.

How often do I need to get them re-done?

Every 4-6 weeks depending on what your stylist recommends.

How do I know whether my hairstylist is "really" qualified to be doing extensions?

Your stylist should know about and how to perform all major types of hair extensions (there are about 5-6) so they can determine the right type for your lifestyle and hair. They should also have a portfolio for you to see of their work. And last but not least, they should have reviews and references from other customers.