Sarah Naylor
Women’s Haircut  $55
Men’s Haircut  $35
Child’s Haircut  $20
Updo  $95

Color  $100
Partial Highlight  $125
Full Highlight  $145
Balayage  $150 & up

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Favorite band  Anything country! Right now Old Dominion and Luke Combs have my heart.

Favorite Denver hangout  Anywhere that has ice cream, count me in!

Years behind the chair  1 year.

3 adjectives friends would use to describe you  Happy, kind, and encouraging.


Q: First things first…if someone asked you why you’re a hairstylist, how would you answer? 
A: I have loved hair from the time I was little! I would braid and re-braid my doll’s hair over and over again. Once I was allowed to color my own hair, I went through a few years with some funky hair thanks to my at-home experiments. Between giving my friends 'kitchen haircuts' and getting them dolled up to go out at night, I knew I wanted to do hair. It just took me a few years to take the plunge, but here I am! Best decision I’ve ever made!

Q: Where do you find your inspiration? How do you keep it fresh?
A:  I love following stylists and bloggers and looking through different fashion magazines to find inspiration. I also love to travel and checkout different trends and try to incorporate them into my own life.

Q: Animal person? Yes/No? Explain!
A:  YES!! I love all animals, especially dogs. I can't wait to have a Golden Retriever of my own!

Q: Besides the art of hairstyling, what else do you like to do in your freetime?
Getting to the mountains any chance I can. Skiing, running, crafting, binge watching a good Netflix show, hanging out with friends, preferably while eating good food!

Q: Tell us the funniest hair story you have had in your experience.
A:  Once in college, I cut my boyfriend’s hair in his apartment. He had so much hair and we cut it pretty short. When I swept the hair and was getting ready to toss it, I happened to be closer to his balcony than the trashcan, so I ended up throwing a giant pile of hair off his three story balcony in hopes that some little birds would be able to make a nest out of it. After I showed him what I did (it looked like a little dog on the sidewalk), he was not happy with me and he ended up going outside to sweep the hair off the sidewalk and throw it in the trash. Oops!