Dani Schaper
Women’s Haircut  $55
Men’s Haircut  $40
Child’s Haircut  $20
Updo  $70

Color  $100
Partial Highlight  $115
Balayage  $150 & up
Hair Extensions - Consult

My Lookbook

Favorite band  Say Anything, they just get me.

Favorite Denver hangout  Anywhere I can take my dog with me, like a dog park or on a pretty walk around Cherry Creek.

Years behind the chair  Almost 11 whirlwind years.

3 adjectives friends would use to describe you  Loyal, passionate, kind.

Specialties  Blondes, blow outs, brunettes, natural gray coverage, pixie cuts.


Q: First things first…if someone asked you why you’re a hairstylist, how would you answer? 
A:  I have always loved the beauty industry and what the little people are doing for it. The community of hairdressers is such a positive and creative environment to be a part of. I also truly believe that if you can help a person feel better about themselves, inside and out, it creates a ripple effect that makes the world a better place.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration? How do you keep it fresh?
A:  I love watching other people work and what makes them do what they do with hair. I also pay attention and dream when I look at fashion magazines about what I would do if I wanted to create that, how would I make that my own.

Q: Animal person? Yes/No? Explain!
A:  Let’s just say that if i could do hair while simultaneously hanging out with my dog, I think life would be perfect. I also dream of going overseas and volunteering for an elephant village to give back and check off one of my lifelong bucket list.

Q: Besides the art of hairstyling, what else do you like to do in your freetime?
A:  My family and friends are incredibly important to me, so anything involving them is a good time. I live for live shows and discovering new places to eat.

Q: Tell us the funniest hair story you have had in your experience.
A:  Well, let’s just say it’s all fun and games till you are handed the wrong texturizing shears. Beauty school was an adventure.